Talk to me #2 — a conversation with Ben Vasquez

A remembered poetic riff on Ben Vasquez’s wonderful words.  Listen  and look below for a snippet of the real thing.

Oh my God, he said. We used to go to Juarez for haircuts and for meat and for everything, and there was this beer garden. beautiful, and now these lost women. no one cares. no one is doing anything.  my sister died a few months ago.  my mother died too. these women.  I don’t ever want to go back there. it’s a war zone. what they’ve done. it’s so disappointing — I know that’s the wrong word.  But it is disappointing. I remember Juarez was so beautiful.

I just came here on a whim. I’m retired.  I drove a truck and did deliveries all around here.  But I don’t know the area really. I am not a big museum person. I didn’t have the time.

Those pictures. I don’t know what to think. My brother said we got to go back to El Paso we got to go check it out. but I don’t want to go back there now. Juarez.  Tijuana was a mess. but Juarez. Of course there were problems  but we were kids.  You know? We were kids.

But those women. Who looks for them? Who?


talk to me #2 –glimpses audial and visual of Ben Vasquez reacting to Las Olvidadas from Stephanie Barbe Hammer on Vimeo.


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