3 shy students/February 15th 2011

Three shy students navigate the art at Pulse and Hammer (no relation).  I follow them. Please talk to me please talk to me, I think at them with my camera. But I am white and older. They are Latino and Asian.  Finally I head them off at the copper plates on Jacob’s tables.

How do you like the art? I say. One young girl smiles lovely slow smiles. I think it’s neat.  Did you see them pound the copper? Yes she says I mean, no I mean not really I mean I aw them on the — she points to the video. Are you students?  They all nod. The boy is from UCR — the two girls are from Cal State SB. how did you meet. At church they say, shyly. Church is good I say. What are your majors? — Economics. Marketing and Psychology. Well, have a nice day says the young lady the first one I talked to. I will I do I have.

talk to me/3 shy students at Pulse and Hammer/Culver Center 02/15/11 from Stephanie Barbe Hammer on Vimeo.


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